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Please read these instructions carefully as they include important information about your test and how to navigate the platform. Once you have started your test, you will be able to view these instructions again at any time via the [ Instructions button image ] at the top of the right side of the screen.


You have 30 min to complete this test. You must record your answers in a separate booklet provided to you by your test centre. The timer at the top of the screen tells you how much time you have left. The timer will become yellow when there are five minutes left before the end of the test. Your test will end automatically when the time runs out.

Navigate between the questions using [ Next button image ] and [ Back button image ] buttons. Answer the questions in the answer booklet provided to you. Complete your personal details in BLOCK CAPITALS in the answer booklet. Use a BLACK PEN.

After you have finished answering a question in the answer booklet, click [ Answer button image ] for the relevant question. Use [ Flag button image ] to bookmark the questions you would like to review later. You can see all flagged questions by clicking on [ Submit button image ] at the bottom of the screen. Click on each individual question's icon to go to the question.

Once you are happy with your answers, you can end the test by clicking on the [ Submit button image ] at the bottom of the screen. 

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  • To take rough notes, click [ Notepad button image ] in the top-right corner of the screen. You can also use the blank paper provided by your centre. Please note rough notes will not be used for marking.

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QUESTION 1 Answered

30 Marks
Write out the following sentences, substituting appropriate forms of the words given in capitals and brackets

a) Η Άννα μου ζήτησε [ΔΕΝ ΛΕΩ] τίποτα, πριν [ΦΤΑΝΩ] η Μαρία.
b) Χτες, ο Πέτρος [ΚΟΝΤΕΥΩ] [ΠΕΦΤΩ] από το μπαλκόνι.
c) Σε παρακαλώ [ΔΕΝ ΜΙΛΑΩ] σε κανέναν πριν τους [ΛΕΩ] εγώ τι έγινε.
d) Αν ο Νίκος [ΔΕΝ ΕΡΧΟΜΑΙ] στην ώρα του, εμείς [ΜΠΑΙΝΩ] στο θέατρο.
e) Προχτές το πρωί τον [(εγώ) ΑΚΟΥΩ] [ΜΙΛΑΩ] με τον κύριο Πέτρου.

QUESTION 2 Answered

40 Marks
Translate the following sentences into Modern Greek.

a) When they studied in Athens, they used to see each other almost every day.
b) Whose car is parked in front of my house?
c) Don’t come in before I tell you.
d) As I was coming out of the bank, I saw my brother walking in.
e) If you talk to her before me, tell her to call me.

QUESTION 3 Answered

30 Marks
Translate the following sentences into English.

a) Την άλλη Κυριακή μπορεί να παίξω τένις με τον Αλέξη.
b) Ό,τι και να κάνεις, η κατάσταση δεν θα αλλάξει.
c) Αν έφτανα στην ώρα μου, δεν θα έχανα το αεροπλάνο.
d) Πάει ένας χρόνος που έχω να δω την Αφροδίτη.
e) Μήπως ξέρεις πού μπορώ να αγοράσω γραμματόσημα.

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