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Welcome to the test centre portal for Oxford’s admissions tests. All Oxford applicants who are required to take one of the following tests: CAT, ELAT, GAT, HAT, MLAT, MAT, PAT and Philosophy Test must do so at one of our many authorised centres.

In most cases, we would expect an applicant’s test centre to be the school or college where they would normally take public examinations.

Schools, colleges and other assessment centres should apply here to become an authorised test centre for Oxford’s admissions tests.

Find an Authorised Test Centre

Applicants can use this portal to check whether their place of education is already an authorised test centre. If you don’t find your school or college listed, then please contact your exams officer and ask them to visit this portal to request authorisation to become a test centre. If you do find your school or college listed here as an authorised test centre, then please contact them and ask them to register you (anytime between 1-29 September) for the appropriate test.

Applicants who for any reason are not able to take their test at their school or education centre, can use this portal to find an ‘open’ centre. This is a centre which accepts registrations from external candidates, not just those who are currently enrolled with their school or college.

Oxford applicants cannot register themselves for their admissions test but must arrange this through their appropriate test centre.

If you need further information on either TSA or BMAT admissions tests, please contact Cambridge Assessment Admissions Service.

Please note, as an applicant you cannot register yourself but will need to contact the centre to do this on your behalf.

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Become a test centre

To become an authorised centre for Oxford admissions tests, you will need to meet our minimum operating and security requirements. ​Therefore, before applying to become a test centre, please read the list of eligibility criteria and check whether you are likely to be able to meet these.

Please note even if you have previously run Oxford admissions tests you will still need to go through our authorisation process with our new provider, TCS.

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